Litigation Support

In a litigation support, we mainly deal with fraud investigations and assessment/quantification of damages. We analyze documents to form an assessment of the case, compile the documents necessary to support or refute a claim, and provide assistance in settlement discussions and negotiations.

Our team is experienced and possesses industry knowledge across a wide variety of sectors. We bring our expertise to the field to unravel complex financial matters, to give our clients a clear understanding of the situation and produce evidence and act as expert witness in court.

Set out below is an example of litigation support:

Misappropriation of Funds

The regional CFO of a large multination corporation received a call from their bank pertaining to a material withdrawal. The CFO realized that a cheque has been issued with his forged signature.

We led an investigation and concluded  that a long serving finance manager had perpetuated the fraud.  It was determined that the finance manager had misappropriated several million dollars over 6 years.

The investigation was completed in less than 3 weeks.  The client was able to achieve a swift recovery  with more than 60% of the funds returned to the Company.

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